Businesses & Schools

Businesses and schools are two of the largest sources of discarded electronics in our waste stream. If you represent either, you can help keep harmful materials and chemicals out of local landfills by partnering with our responsible electronics recycling team.

We take extra precautions to carefully destroy any data on your equipment.

We care enough to protect your proprietary information and keep you safe from security breaches. Learn more about our data security protocols for recycled electronics.

We’ll pick up your outdated or broken electronics from your office or school on an as-needed or as-scheduled basis.

We also go into classrooms around Toledo and Northwest Ohio to teach students about the recycling process. We even give them computers to disassemble and sort. (They really get a kick out of it!) 

Contact our Business and School Recycling Team today to make arrangements to recycle your e-waste today.

At Recycle IT, USA Toledo we also provide scholarships to local students.